Our team

Our Team

Nordic Standard was born in 2015 out of its passion for design and real estate.The team behind Nordic Standard works under the same values. Every member contributes to the essence of Nordic Standard, from the the first steps of searching the apartment, construction, designing to the end of finding your future home.

Sonia, our art curator and press manager, along with Patrick and Valentina constitute the design and communication team. Patrick and Valentina will design your apartment with a unique combination of style and elegance while Fran, the photographer, will make it timeless.

Beni and Sergio are in charge of an essential and meticulous part: to install your future apartment framework and structures made from wood and other exclusive materials.

Luis and Gaucho will paint the apartment with the perfect colour to fit its interior design. A step, rather important, that gives the balanced and homogenous touch our apartments are known for.

Pablo, our electrician, will make you enjoy the lightning of your apartment throughout the day. He will install dimmer switches that will make every moment a unique experience.

Marcelo, Antonio and José are the team that will give your future apartment the ‘extra’ touch to make it exclusive. They will make the core of your apartment perfectly functional and adapted to your daily activity in it.

Conchi, our sales manager, will make sure you find the apartment that best suits you. She will also take care of your well-being once you’ve moved in.

Carlos and Patrick supervise each step of the construction and architectural progress, so your apartment meets every single one of your needs concerning practical interior space, movement and lightning.